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Ganh – Vietnamese Restaurant

There are a lot of Vietnamese Restaurants in District 1 Ho Chi Minh City. From a very local place with cheap price to a fancy restaurant. Ganh is one of the medium level I think. It is located in 91 Hai Ba Trung, near the city center. Good location indeed. It is a Nha Trang food restaurant. So if you want to try the food from central Vietnam, you don’t need to go there (unless you have time to travel there of course). It’s not as good as the authentic food from Nha Trang but it’s already yummy enough!

I’ve been here one time and I love their Nem Nuong. It came with various items on a big bamboo plate (?) To eat this, you need to make a roll with lettuce leaf. Spread the lettuce and put the grilled pork, leaves, cucumber, mango, carrot, Β and crispy rice paper on top of it, then wrap it all together. Dip it in the sauce and enjoy! Very delicious~


Nem Nuong

This time we also ordered another dish (sorry I forgot the name! >.<) It consists of spring rolls (cha gio), rice noodle (the white thing on the center. I know.. it doesn’t look like noodle) and some veggies. This dish also yummy. You should try the rice noodle. It’s unique and it is delicious!


Last dish we ordered was disappointing. Oyster omelette. My husband couldn’t ate it because it was too fishy. Even me who like fishy food also couldn’t ate it. Another thing was this omelette so bland, no taste. Just fishy from egg and oyster. They came with soy sauce, but it couldn’t be helped. Tasted really bad. We didn’t finish this one.

Oyster Omelette

Have you tried the food from central Vietnam? How do you find the food? Do you like it? Tell me in comment!


Food · Ho Chi Minh City · Vietnam

Chi Hoa – Vietnamese Restaurant

Chi Hoa is a Vietnamese Restaurant at Le Thanh Ton street. From the outside it doesn’t look like restaurant. I can only see a bar and few tables. They ushered us to 3rd floor, where the main dining room is. There are about 10 tables in the room.

The staff were very friendly and helpful. We placed our order and wait for our dishes~

Fried tofu with chili and lemongrass (55K vnd)

The first that came was this tofu. Looks yummy right? But I don’t like it. The tofu was not special. Their spices were good though. For tofu, my heart is still with cuc gach quan (still the best tofu here).

Clams & water spinach soup (75K vnd)

The soup was good, even though I still prefer water spinach sauteed with garlic πŸ˜€

Crispy baby squid (155K vnd)

This one is a MUST TRY! They are not dry even tho the name is crispy. They cooked the squid really well! Still soft but cooked. Dip it in tamarind sauce that came with it, Yummy! You have to order this one if you visit Chi Hoa. Recommended, especially for squid lover.

Overall, the food was good but a bit expensive for Vietnamese food. It’s said that they don’t use MSG on their food, so it should be healthy enough.Worth to try though, maybe for special occasion πŸ˜‰

They provide delivery service as well. Check out their contact here :

address : 31A Le Thanh Ton, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

phone : 08.38273155

website :

opening hour : 7.00 am to 10.00 pm

Food · Ho Chi Minh City · Vietnam

The temple club – Vietnamese Restaurant

Sometime a fancy restaurant doesn’t look like it from the entrance. This is the case with the temple club as well. I’ve never been here so it’s exciting to try it out. The entrance is small and looks like an entrance to a temple. There are statue on both sides of the way. The restaurant is on 2nd floor, we went up through a stone stairway. This place is famous because Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had dinner there on their visit in 2006.


Once you are inside the restaurant, you can tell that this is a high-end Vietnamese Restaurant. Expect high price on menu πŸ˜‰


We had lunch there because it is near from my husband’s office, so it’s very convenient for us and our guest. It’s a very cozy and relax restaurant. Quiet, not too noisy. We ordered several dishes and shared it.

Vietnamese Spring Roll Temple Club

Cha Gio / Fried Spring Roll

Their cha gio / fried spring roll is actually pretty good. But it was not special and the size was small. Eat it with the sauce. Yummy.

5 spices pork with rice noodle temple club

5 spices pork with rice noodle

This pork is very tasty. I like this one the best than other dishes we ordered. It has a similar feeling of eating pork satay, only without stick πŸ˜€ Very recommended to try.

Sauteed Chicken in Tamarind Temple Club
Cha Gio / Fried Spring Roll

Do not order this one. Well I’m not recommend it, but if you would like to try then it’s okay. For me, the taste was bland. Couldn’t enjoyed this one.

In conclusion from several dishes we ordered, this place is good for meeting up with people, but the food is so-so and the price is really high. I’m not sure if I will go there again anytime soon. Maybe if I have a visitor who wants to experience what Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had experienced there πŸ˜‰

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Fried Crab Spring Roll @Wrap & roll

I’ve been in Vincom Center for several times, and spent most of the time on the basement because that’s where the restaurants are. Trust me, don’t go to the food-court on highest floor. If you’re looking for something to eat or drink, or just to hang out with friends, go to basement area. There are many restaurants and coffee shops.

This time I tried Wrap & Roll. I was tempted by the picture they put outside of the restaurant actually. There were only a few people eating when I came there. It was after lunch time at that time but I was so hungry. I sat down on one of the table. The waiter gave me the menu and it wasn’t long for me to decide what I want. Fried Crab Spring Roll. Yup, one of my favorite food in Vietnam.

Fried Crab Spring Roll Wrap and Roll
Fried Crab Spring Roll

It came in 2 pieces with soup and noodle. The portion is smaller than I thought, considering its price. The taste is delicious. It’s just too expensive xD

Sweet Banana in Coconut Milk Wrap and Roll
Sweet Banana in Coconut Milk

I ordered this dessert because the other dessert that I wanted was sold out 😦 This is a kind of hot dessert. It tasted really good, and rather heavy.

The total bill was 180.000 vnd. Quite expensive for Vietnamese food. But it’s worth to try if you hungry and see this restaurant nearby.

Wrap & Roll is a Vietnamese chain-restaurant. Can be found anywhere in Saigon, not only in Vincom Center. Visit their website:Β  for more information. It’s in Vietnamese language though.


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Bun Cha and Crab Spring Rolls @ Quan Nem

Trying out Quan Nem. They only sell 2 dishes on their menu, that is bun cha and cha gio (spring roll). It’s a must-try restaurant. This is the only restaurant in hcmc who sells crab spring rolls. They have 2 kind of sauce, northern style and southern style. This one we used southern style. According to my friend the northern style tastes rather bland.

Bun cha
Bun cha
meat for bun cha
meat for bun cha

How to eat bun cha :
1. Get a lettuce, put some noodle on top of it then add some herbs.
2. Roll the lettuce so that it’s easier to hold.
3. Put some sauce to small bowl (add chili if u like)
4. Dip the roll on the sauce and enjoy! Yummy~

Crab Spring Rolls
Crab Spring Rolls

Address : 15E Nguyen Thi minh Khai, district 1, ho chi minh city.