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Genki Sushi Singapore – A Unique Sushi Restaurant in town

When I don’t know what to eat, usually sushi is always a good choice for me. Especially if I have to try a new place (and it was a recommendation from a friend). Genki Sushi is a sushi chain in Singapore and you will find a queue most of the time at their outlets. There are several outlets all over Singapore, such as in orchard central, bugis junction, and chinatown. We were in Orchard area at that time, and the closest one was in Takashimaya (Ngee Ann City), just next to a big Guardian store in Basement 2. Weird that they don’t have this outlet listed on their website.

There were some people before us on the queue, but it wasn’t take long for us to get our seat. The place is quite big as well. We got a seat at table number 2. Each table has a number and a station name. For our table, it was Ueno. Once we sat down, the waitress gave us an ipad with menu on it. First of all, we picked our drink. Hot green tea for me. They gave us the empty glass and I had to pour the green tea (2 small spoon is enough) and boiled water by myself, then mixed it with the back of our chopstick! Fun 😀


Next, we ordered food! Starting from the left is sushi menu. The unique thing from this restaurant is the way they deliver the food. They deliver it with a mini train! There are 3 lines of train on the side of the table. Each train can only bring 4 items. For example, we ordered 3 portions of salmon sushi, then we had to click 3 times and it filled 3 spaces of the mini train on ipad. Once we have 4 items on the train, we can click on execution / delivery. Then continue with another order! Can be another sushi, gunkan, maki, sashimi, fried dish, rice and noodle dish. Or even a dessert!

Food ordering at Genki Sushi

After a while, a train came to our table. Of course, I took a photo! Then we took out all of the food. Once the train was empty, we had to clicked on the button to send the train back. The button that we have to click is depend on which line the train is. There are 3 lines of railway. If the empty train is in number 2, then we have to click button number 2, which is in the middle. It was fun!

Genki Sushi Food Train

Their food was delicious as well. They were fresh and cooked well. I love all of the stuff that we ordered! Their price is reasonable as well. According to my friend, it is the same as sushi tei, but the food quality is better.

Once we finished with our food, we had to go to the cashier and mentioned our table. They showed us our order and after confirming it, we paid it to the cashier.

Genki Sushi yummy food

It was a new and fun experience for me. Plus the food was also yummy. I would recommend you to try this place when you are visiting Singapore. Genki Sushi also available in Japan (well doh!), USA, Hong Kong and China. Also, I would like to thank my friends for taking me to this place!


Have you tried this place before? Do you have any other place you would recommend for me to try? Let me know in the comment below.


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Pasta @ The Vintage Emporium Ho Chi Minh City

My second time to The Vintage Emporium Saigon was for lunch again. But this time I was late. I arrived after the lunch-combo menu hour end 😦 It was around 2 pm. So me and my husband decided to try out their pasta.

Linguine alla Genovese

My husband ordered Linguine alla Genovese. It was okay. The taste was not bad, but not special either. I tried it a bit and the pesto taste was very light.

Fettuccine Carbonara

This one is quite good. Fettuccine Carbonara. I added cheese and a little salt though. But it was actually a good dish without adding anything else. I was just in the mood for salty food that time.

London chips

We ordered this for appetizer. The potato is yummy. The chili has a weird taste, but it’s not spicy.

I think for economical reason, it’s better to come for lunch combo. 99k vnd for lunch combo (food and drink), compared to 120k vnd for the pasta only. If the pasta is really special, I don’t mind to spend that much. Good thing they always give free drinking water with refill.

Food · Ho Chi Minh City · Vietnam

Ramen Pasta Osaka

I like this ramen place. I think it’s the best ramen restaurant in ho chi minh city so far. My favorite menu is tsukemen or dip ramen. Almost everytime I came here I ordered that.

That night I went there again with my husband. He also a fan of tsukemen. To prevent ourself on getting bored of it, we ordered something different. Mine was ramen with garlic chips. It was nice but I don’t want to talk about that dish now.

Pasta Fu Pirikara kurimu ramen

I want to share about the ramen pasta that my husband ordered, it’s called Pasta Fu Pirikara Kurimu Ramen. When it came, we looked at it with low expectation. I’m not a fan of creamy pasta. He tried it first then gave it to me to try.

I looked up to him, smilling. It was delicious! The noodle is cooked well, and the creamy sauce is tasty. It made me want to eat more, but I shouldn’t because I have my own ramen noodle to finish.

Very recommended to try! If you want to try it, come to 18 Thai Van Lung Street, Ho Chi Minh City.