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Buffet Dinner @ Hotel Nikko Saigon

Many hotels have their buffet lunch or buffet dinner in their restaurant, but not all of them has a good food given the high price they charged. One of the restaurant that has a good review is Hotel Nikko Saigon. My husband has tried it before and he said the food is delicious, so I was interested to try it as well. We went there 4 days ago to celebrate his birthday.


The buffet dinner is at 2nd floor of the hotel. There is a reception table where you will be asked if you have reservation there. We didn’t make any reservation, but luckily they still have table for us. (Note to self : next time need to make reservation to make sure we have table). They gave us a small table for 2 persons, then asked us what drink would we want; red wine, white wine, beer, soft drink, champagne. We both ordered white wine. The waitress then offered us which way of cook for lobster we would have; steamed, grilled, or grilled with cheese. The lobster is apparently most favorite dish here.

Grilled Lobster

My husband ordered grilled lobster. It was grilled with butter. So good! So yummy! This one is only half of lobster.

Grilled Lobster with Cheese

I ordered this one. Yummy as well~! The lobster was a bit hard. I don’t know if it’s because they cooked it for too long or that’s how lobster is. I never ate lobster before.

We ended up order another portion of lobster. We were not sure if the lobster free of charge (because this is an all-you-can-it buffet) or need to pay separately if we order more. For lobster, we have to order it from table, directly to the waiter. It came in full lobster divided by 2. Yummy! And the best part is it’s inclusive in the buffet price, no extra charge when we checked our bill. It means you can eat as many lobster as you can, as long as you can finish it!


It was Thursday night and this restaurant is so packed. Many reserved table as well. There was live music which makes the dinner more cozy.

Seafood counter

Seafood counter where you can order sashimi, nigiri sushi, and hand-roll sushi. Also to get shrimps, crabs and bring it to grill counter next to it. I love the salmon sashimi. It’s fresh and delicious. The tuna sashimi is bad though, I don’t like it.

Salad counter

I’ll be honest. I didn’t visit this counter >_< They look fresh and delicious though.

Appetizer counter

At the end of this counter, there are mussels and oysters. I like the oyster! Fresh and delicious.

There are also counter for hotpot, pasta, beef, and dessert. A huge variation of food and most of them are delicious. I don’t like the beef though. Their pasta is good! I wanted to order more but my stomach couldn’t handled it. Too full.

And so the most important part is how much is the price for buffet dinner in Hotel Nikko Saigon. It’s 1.100.000 vnd per person (plus 5% service tax and 10% VAT). If you have member card, you can get 15% discount. Not bad for a 5-star hotel.

Will you go there to enjoy all-you-can-eat lobster? or just to celebrate something special? Worth it 😉

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Lunch at Ichiba Sushi

One of my favorite Japanese sushi restaurant is Ichiba Sushi at 204 Lê Lai, Bến Thành, 1, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam. Their sashimi is really fresh. They also have unique sushi roll (makimono) and it tastes yummy. We usually go there for lunch, and if we were late then we had to sit on bar because it usually very busy at lunch time.

Salmon Sashimi Ichiba Sushi
Salmon Sashimi

We always order this. Salmon sashimi and salmon belly here is really delicious. Juicy and fresh. You can tell by looking at its color.

Salmon Skin Salad Ichiba Sushi
Salmon Skin salad

This was my first time trying salmon skin salad there. I loved it! Crispy salmon skin combined with cucumber with special sauce. Really..really good.

Assorted kushiyaki Ichiba Sushi
Assorted kushiyaki (scallops, squids and meats)

Since we didn’t know which one is better for kushiyaki there, we ordered the combination one. Each stick has mushroom, onion and paprika. I don’t like the grilled meat one. It was really tough, hard to chew. Disappointing. The squid was not bad, a bit over-cooked but tasted yummy. I like the scallops. Next time I will order only scallop 😀

Sake Teridon Ichiba Sushi
Sake Teridon – Salmon with Teriyaki Sauce Over Rice

The yellow stuff there is not noodle. It’s sliced fried egg over rice. This sake teridon has a huge salmon. They are using Norwegian salmon. Teriyaki sauce they used also tasty. Oishi!! Recommended!

I went there with my husband. No.. I didn’t eat these foods all by myself 😀 Have you been to Ichiba Sushi in Saigon? Let me know your opinion on this on comment below 😉



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Hong Hai Restaurant – Seafood Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City

One of the famous type of dish in Ho Chi Minh is seafood. Almost in every corner of this city has a seafood restaurant. Hong Hai Restaurant is one of the big seafood restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City. It is located at 236 Pasteur Street, District 3, HCMC. I have been here 2 times, both with my guests. It is always better to go to seafood restaurant with 3 or more people. More food to try 😀

This restaurant also have non-seafood dishes; beef, chicken, pork, noodle, eel, poridge, and rice. So don’t worry if one of your companion can’t eat seafood, he / she still can enjoy other food. They have many kind of snails and clams, cooked in many ways. Their menu has English translation as well, so it’s very easy to order. Some of the dishes also have picture on the menu. I will share with you all of the food I ordered here.

Blood Cockle stir-fried with crispy fried garlic topped with laska leaves
Blood Cockle stir-fried with crispy fried garlic topped with laska leaves (79.000 vnd)

This one is delicious. The blood cockles are bigger than the one I ate before in other restaurant. What is better than a garlicky food with juicy blood cockle?! Many lol, but this one is not to be missed out.

Medium-sized Escargot grilled with black pepper
Medium-sized Escargot grilled with black pepper (58.000 vnd)

This one doesn’t look special, does it? But trust me, you HAVE TO order this one. Made you want to eat more and more. The escargot is well-done and a perfect seasoning. I ordered this on both my visits there xD

Giant River Prawn wokked with crystal salt and chili
Giant River Prawn wokked with crystal salt and chili (seasonal price)

This one has a seasonal price, so you better check it first before make the order. We didn’t check it and was very surprised with the price but no complaint. Because it’s good. This prawn is very delicious, with a pinch of crystal salt and chili. I can’t stand the chili though, too spicy for me. Normally I don’t eat prawn because I don’t really like their taste, but for this one I have no problem.

Grilled squid with salt & chili (135.000 vnd)
Grilled squid with salt & chili (135.000 vnd)

Another one I recommend is this squid. They cooked it in time so the squid still soft and not chewy. The seasoning also done well. If I didn’t worry about my cholesterol level I would ate this more 😦 Soooo finger-licking good!

Fresh chilled oyster accompanied with sliced lime
Fresh chilled oyster accompanied with sliced lime (35.000 vnd)

Vietnamese people likes grilled oyster with cheese. I saw many table ordered that dish. On my 2nd visit here, my guest ordered it as well but I didn’t. I prefer fresh oyster, and since it’s cheap here so I ordered it. But I should have known that the price never lie. This oyster is not fresh but was frozen before. I won’t recommend this to anyone.

Scallop grilled with garlic & butter
Scallop grilled with garlic & butter (77.000 vnd)

This one is an okay dish. They cooked this too long so the meat is a little dry. That’s too bad though, because the flavor of garlic and butter in this dish is really good. Nothing special I can say about this menu.

Vietnamese Horn Shell stir-fried with house special fresh coconut milk
Vietnamese Horn Shell stir-fried with house special fresh coconut milk (60.000 vnd)

This horn shell only have 1 type of cooking, that is with coconut milk. I don’t know why but in other restaurant I’ve tried only have cooked with coconut milk as well. I like this dish, it has a creamy and soft texture.

Areola Babylon steamed with ginger & lemongrass
Areola Babylon steamed with ginger & lemongrass (seasonal price)

I don’t like this one, the taste was very plain. The snails were chewy. I don’t mind with chewy snail as long as it has flavor, but not this one. So no, I’m not gonna order this one again in the future. Also, this snail has seasonal price. Need to check before order. There are other type of cooking for this snail : grilled, stir-fried with Vietnamese cheese, and stir-fried with fresh pineapple.

Here in Ho Chi Minh City people likes to order seafood with fried rice. But they don’t eat it together. They usually finish off all seafood then start eating fried rice. I heard from a friend of a friend that they have a good seafood fried rice, so we ordered that on our second visit. It was as I thought, they served us all of our seafood order first, then lastly they served fried rice. The problem was they served it very late for us. We were waiting for more than 15 minutes and it didn’t come out, while other table was getting their fried rice. Maybe there was misunderstanding happened. The waitress told us to wait for 5 minutes, but after 5 minutes nothing served on our table. I was a little annoyed and intended to cancel our order for fried rice but they didn’t allow it. That made me even more annoyed. In the end we asked them to wrap it for take away.

For the drink, local people normally drink beer when eating seafood. In case you don’t like beer or just don’t want to drink beer, you have to try their coconut. It was really refreshing! I like it very much.

According to my friend (a Vietnamese , most of the people in Ho Chi Minh City prefer to go to the beach when they want to eat seafood, because it’s really fresh. But when I told them about Hong Hai Restaurant they were agreed as well about the quality of food there. Their price is not expensive for a restaurant with that scale.

Hong hai restaurant
Hong hai restaurant

In conclusion, if you want to try Hong Hai I would recommend Blood Cockle stir-fried with crispy fried garlic topped with laska leaves, Medium-sized Escargot grilled with black pepper, and Grilled squid with salt & chili. Take a note that their service is bad when they are busy. For more information, please check their website.

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Quan Oc Khanh – again ;)

Last weekend I went to Quan Oc Khanh again for dinner. This time I went with my husband because he never tried this one. At first I wanted to try the one he ate before, but it’s in district 10. Too far (read : too lazy).

We ordered 5 dishes this time, and tried some other menu. The first menu I recommended was the blood clam with garlic. I didn’t take picture of that dish, but you can see it on this link.

Here are the list of other menu we ordered (I forgot to take note of their name again -__-) :

quan oc khanh sea snail with butter

Some kind of sea-snails cooked in butter. Eat this with banh mi. Soooo good! A bit spicy though.

quan oc khanh oyster with garlic and butter

Oyster! This time I ordered oyster with garlic and butter. Delicious! Fresh oyster, very juicy.

quan oc khanh finger clam garlic

Finger clams cooked with garlic. I’ve wanted to try this since my visit to Barcelona. I didn’t order it at that time and I was still curious. My husband saw this one Quan Oc Khanh menu and he suggested me to order. It was a right decision! This clam is good. Especially when you eat with those fried garlic.. yummy~!

quan oc khanh clam with peanut and onion

Last time I ordered this one with cheese. This time I tried the one with peanut and spring onions. It was good, surprisingly. Clams and peanuts… I never imagined this combination but apparently it works.

For all those plus 2 banh mi and 3 sapporo beer, we had to pay for 450.000 vnd (About USD 20). I can’t get enough of snails and clams. My mouth still wanted more, but my stomach said it’s enough xD This restaurant is very recommended!

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Nha Hang Ngan Dinh – Chinese Restaurant in District 5 Ho Chi Minh

Last Saturday, we tried to find something for lunch in a place that is (relatively) far away from our apartment. We checked out some alternatives on and interested in a dimsum restaurant in District 5. It’s Nha Hang Ngan Dinh, located inside Windsor Hotel on 6th floor.

The restaurant is quite big and busy when we came. They asked us to wait for available table. After about 5 minutes, we were ushered to a table downstair. I saw many tables filled with family with or  without kids. Mostly were Vietnamese and Chinese people. There were 2 Japanese ladies as well.

As we sat on our table, they gave us a menu. Luckily the menu has English name for each one of the dishes. Most of the waiter and waitress here can’t speak English, so you need to be patient and listen carefully what they were telling you. If you can speak Vietnamese, even just a little bit, that would be a great help. We didn’t worry about the language barrier because it’s pretty easy to order there. We just need to fill in on the column, how many of each dish that we want to order, then give the paper (menu) back to them.

For the drink, we ordered Pu Erh tea. Never heard of it before, which means have to try it 😀 It’s quite good. It costs 80.000 vnd but it’s unlimited refill. Still quite expensive though lol.

We ordered 7 dishes, including a Fish Porridge which i didn’t take picture of it. The porridge has a balance taste, quite good.

Deep-fried wonton with mayonnaise
Deep-fried wonton with mayonnaise

This is my favorite! Yummy wonton. Although i think it would be better if it’s not overcooked.The wonton skin was a bit hard.

Steamed Chicken Feet with XO Sauce
Steamed Chicken Feet with XO Sauce

I haven’t eaten chicken feet for so long! That’s why we ordered this, and i disappointed 😦 There were only 4 small chicken feet. The sauce is actually okay, and a bit spicy. But they didn’t marinated enough. It tasted really bland for me. I don’t like it.

Steamed Fresh Shrimp with Pork Dumpling
Steamed Fresh Shrimp with Pork Dumpling

This one is good. It has a very big shrimp and the dumpling was yummy. Psst.. i ate it with mayonnaise, and it was super yummy xD

Steamed Shrimp Dumpling
Steamed Shrimp Dumpling

I’m not a fan of Ha Cao or Steamed Shrimp Dumpling. But this one is okay. It was delicious.

Steamed Bean Curd Roll
Steamed Bean Curd Roll

This bean curd also good! It has minced meat and veggie inside. At first i didn’t think it was good, but on 2nd bite i could feel it. Yummy~!

Steamed pork rib with caterpillar fungus
Steamed pork rib with caterpillar fungus

This one is okay, but nothing special. It tasted a bit sweet for me. So this one was not my favorite as well.

Total bill for us was almost 600.000 vnd. Quite expensive, but cheaper than the one we tried at Shang Palace Restaurant.