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Places to Eat in London

As I visited London, I would need to find a good place to eat as well. You can read about places I visited in London here. I heard from my friends that the English food is not that good. So I had to find food from other countries there. The Indian food is famous in London and most of them are good according to my friend. I’m not a fan of Indian food but I guess I have to try it!

Here they are the places I visited for a meal in London :

1. Pod

When I just arrived in London, I was starving because I couldn’t eat on plane. I walked around from my hotel in Tower Hill area and found this place “Pod”. They have breakfast menu set with coffee. I tried Salmon Cream Cheese Bagel with coffee for £4.75. They were good. The bagel was authentic and I liked it. Salmon and Cream Cheese were awesome as well. Recommended for breakfast. Please note that they are closed on weekend and public holiday. They have some branches in London.

Salmon Cream Cheese Bagel with coffee

2. Eat

This place is available almost on every corner in the city of London. They are selling salad, sandwich (cold) and other simple meal. I ate here for lunch and realized they also served warm meal… I hate cold meal but already bought it. Some of their shops are open since morning for breakfast. The meal that I bought was not great for me.. At least the meat tasted good and edible.

Salad with couscous

3. Thai Square

Somehow I like Thai food since I tried it at Thai Street Saigon. For one of the dinner I went to Thai restaurant near my hotel. It is Thai Square. They have around 10 branches all over London. I tried the one at Minories street. I ordered pad si ew (fried flat noodle) and orange juice. Total bill was £14.29. Asian food is expensive in London!

Pad Si Ew

The food was tasty although it was not as tasty as the on in Saigon 😀 The orange juice was a proper orange juice with no over-sweet taste. I saw a guy next to me have the chili and pickle seasoning set! So I asked for it from the waitress. They do have an authentic taste after all! I especially like their special chili sauce. They praised me for being able to eat that sauce, while in fact it was not spicy at all.. I can’t eat spicy food haha.

Chili and Pickle

4. Borough Market

Good for breakfast and lunch. They have pretty much everything to cater one’s preferences. There are many vendors selling their stuff there and it was amazing. The taste mostly are delicious as well. I tried sausage butty (£3.5), Apple Juice (£1.5), Sausage bread (£1.5), Strawberry (£1.5), Pork Pie (£4.5) and Dolset Scallops (£6.5).

I loved them all! Sausage Butty is better with sauce (ketchup or chili). The apple juice was fresh and pure. Sausage bread was delicious, one of my favorite. Strawberries were sweet! They have 2 size of pack, we bought the bigger size and it was too much for 2 people haha. Pork pie was tasty as well. It was an award-winning pie. The skin was crunchy a bit and inside was minced pork meat. I couldn’t finish it alone. And lastly the dolset scallops! I saw some people eating it then I found the stall who sold it. The sign was saying “3 succulent ‘hand dived’ scallops served on a bed of stir fry and crispy bacon” How can I resist that! The scallops were big and juicy! Can’t have enough.. I wanted more.

5. Po Cha Korean Restaurant

I met with a friend who lives in England as well but not in London. We were looking for place to have lunch then my foursquare showed Po Cha as one of the best around the area of Waterloo. My friend is a fan of Korean food and she hasn’t eaten it since she moved back to England. We found the place and it looked authentic. There were some Korean customer as well. The place is small so we were lucky we came before lunch time. There were queue outside when we were waiting for our food.

Kimchi Fried Rice

They have a good deal lunch menu set, only £6 for food and tea! I ordered Kimchi Fried Rice. Somehow I craved for kimchi that day haha. When it came, I was shocked. The portion was huge! I couldn’t finish it in the end, but it was really delicious. A little bit spicy, from the kimchi. My friend also liked her food. We wanted to try another dish but we were too full already 😦 I recommend this place for you who are looking for Korean food in London.

Korean tea

I took picture of the tea brand as well because it was so good! I planned to buy it somewhere if I can find it! I looked at google and found the name. It was Dong Suh Brown Rice Green Tea. Time to visit the Korean supermarket nearby!

6. Monmouth Coffee 

Okay this one is not a place to eat 😀 My friend and I were walking around Covent Garden when she suddenly wanted some coffee for the afternoon. She found Monmouth Coffee on the internet. Number 4th coffee shop in London according to google. The shop in Covent Garden is very small and limited seat inside. Most of the people bought a take-away. We got place to sit after we ordered our drink. I got myself a cappucino for £3.1.


I was worried a bit when I drank this coffee because usually I got upset stomach when I did. Surprisingly my stomach was fine! and the coffee also good. I guess this coffee was not as strong as Vietnamese Coffee (which always made me got upset stomach 😦 ).

They have another shops as well, and the one near Borough Market was very busy. Busier than this one.

7. Paul

To be honest, Paul was not my first choice when it comes to restaurant in London. Don’t get me wrong, I love Paul restaurant but there is one here in Saigon so I’d rather try another place to eat. Unfortunately that day every good restaurants that we wanted in Covent Garden was fully booked! We were in hurry to catch the train back for my friend, so we took whatever option we had. It was Paul 😀

Mussels in white wine, garlic and cream

I ordered Mussels in white wine, garlic and cream. It was on ” for sharing” section of the menu, but I finished it all by myself. Yup! I love mussels ❤ It was a good choice for me for dinner! £11.90 in total. We didn’t order drink, only tap water. I haven’t eaten mussels for so long and this one didn’t fail me.

8. Tombo

If you are visiting Natural History Museum and are looking for a place to lunch, you can go to Tombo. They are serving Japanese food and all kind of matcha (green tea) drink. I love Japanese food so it was good that I found this place for lunch. Natural History Museum is a huge place, so you better fill up yourself before going in. I ordered Tonkatsu Curry Rice (£11.95) and houjicha matcha latte.

Tonkatsu Curry Rice
Houjicha Matcha Latte

The food was delicious. Their portion is small but it was enough for me (somehow). The pork was well cooked and tasty. I think they marinated it first. The houjicha matcha latter on the other one was disappointing. I could only taste the milk and very thin tea taste 😦

Tombo Menu

Their price is a bit high, just like other Asian restaurant in London. But I saw many people coming in and even do delivery, so they must be reasonable price for Londoners.

9. Bodean’s BBQ

My husband wanted to eat meat dish before going out for the night. When I looked at foursquare (my favorite app), I found this Bodean’s BBQ and the review was good. And it was close to our hotel as well. Very convenient indeed. We tried to make a reservation before but apparently they only accept reservation for 8 or more people. Below 8 people need to walk-in to restaurant and see if they have space. It was quite early when we arrived so we got a seat.

Bodean Root Beer

For the drink I ordered Jef Root Beer. It was okay but I prefer other brand. We ordered Beef Burger (£8.95) and Ribs and Pulled Pork Combo (£15.95) for shared.

I didn’t try the burger but according to my husband it was so-so. The ribs was good though. Very soft and it was marinated well. Pulled Pork also delicious. Total payment for two persons including service charge was £33.47.

10. Chotto Matte Bar

It was Friday Night and we went to Soho to have a drink with friends. After asking around several bars, we ended up at Chotto Matte. The others were fully booked! Soho on Friday night is impossible. This place serves foods and drinks, but we just wanted to have a drink. Everyone has had their dinner before coming.

Flor The Manzana

I ordered Flor the Manzana (£11), which is a mix of mango vodka, honjozo sake, apple, lime, passionfruit. I loved it! Fruity. They have a huge variant of drinks. You can check the menu first on their website.

11. Caravan

I was walking with my husband along Thames river and it was lunch time. We tried to look for something different so we found this place which listed as tapas place. As we arrived there, we found out that this place is not selling tapas! They are the ‘all-day breakfast’ kind of restaurant. See their menu here.

Grain pancake, vanilla ricotta cheese, pomegranate, walnut and mint

This grain pancake was huge and thick! It tasted surprisingly good though. I couldn’t finish it because of too full. My husband ordered slow roast pork belly with kimchi pancake, gochujang ketchup, and sunny duck egg. I loved this kimchi pancake! I tried it a little at first but then I was hooked. Wanted more and more. Very addictive!

There are 3 branches of Caravan. The one I tried was in Bankside. The other two are at King’s Cross and Exmouth Market. Check their website here.

12. On The Bap

We had tickets for The Lion King Show on Saturday night, but we didn’t order dinner package. Therefor we needed to find another place to eat before the show. I found this Korean Restaurant near Lyceum Theater. It is at the same street, so very convenient. When we arrived, there was no queue outside but the place was very busy. We were lucky they have available seat, even though it was a small table. We saw a queue outside not long after we sat!

On The Bap

It was very nice to hear the staff (or maybe the owner also there) spoke Korean. Feels authentic 😀 Their concept of menu is like tapas. Everything comes in small portion.

My favorite is Gimari Salad (£4.5) , fried seaweed roll salad with special sauce. It was sooo delicious. It is a kind of savory salad. Bibimbap (£7.9) was not bad but I like the one at Nikutaro Saigon better 😀 The chicken (£5.9)! I should have ordered different sauce… As must as I like garlic and mayo, this one was far from my expectation. Maybe another reason of it was because the chicken itself had no taste. So the sauce need to have strong flavor to compensate it.

Website :

13. Poppies Fish and Chips

If you visit London, you have to try one of their ‘traditional’ dish, Fish and Chips. The question is where to get the best fish and chips in town? There are a lot of fish and chips shops all around London but I didn’t know which one should I tried. I did some research on google and foursquare and found out about Poppies Fish and Chips. It has a good reviews and seems to be around for a very long time already (since 1952!). I found 1 shop near Spitalfield Market. A lot of people were eating it outside of the restaurant. I thought it was because of the restaurant was full, but it wasn’t.


We decided to dine-in instead of take away. The waitress reminded us that the price for dine-in is different than take away. It is almost double! We saw cod fish fillet was about £6, that was take away price. For dine-in, regular size cod fish and chips is £12.20. It is including chips and sauces. Please keep in mind that the service charge is 12.5% for eating in restaurant in London.


We ordered cod and halibut to try both. The portion was huge! It had a lot of chips as well. Chips is french fries in UK language 😀 They gave us sauces, chili, ketchup and mayo. This is the difference from take away. For take away no sauce and no cutlery (or maybe need to ask them).

Halibut fish and chips @ Poppies

Overall their food was great. Are they really the best fish and chips in town? I’m not sure since I’ve only tried theirs.

Website :

14. Kanada-Ya Ramen

As a noodle lover, particularly ramen, me and my husband always wanted to try ramen (japanese noodle) in new place. We found this place in London, Kanada-Ya. It was said to be the best ramen in town. Hence, we tried it.

I ordered Tonkotsu Ramen. To be honest, I was disappointed with the taste. It was not as good as I expected. The broth was delicious but too porky for my taste. I still prefer danbo ramen in Saigon 😀

Website :

15. Emilia’s Crafted Pasta

We wanted to eat something simple and not too expensive for dinner that day, and also need to be close to our hotel because we were very tired from the trip to Edinburgh. We found a pasta place on foursquare and it was at St Katharine Docks. Very close to our hotel. They made their own pasta and their menu also unique. Check it out in their website.

Pasta with parmesan, pecorino and pesto

I ordered pasta with parmesan, pecorino and pesto. The shape of pasta is unusual but it was cooked al-dente. Their sauce also yummy, although for me it was a little bit bland. The cheese helped a lot though. The pasta was £9. Portion was just right. I could still ordered a dessert though..

Salted caramel chocolate browny with ice cream

The special dessert that day was salted caramel chocolate browny with ice cream. I was interested with salted caramel! So I ordered one and the browny was superb. I loved it! Browny was around £6.

16. Burger & Lobster

This place is very famous apparently. My friend suggested us to eat there as well, so we tried one in soho area. They have several branches. The place looks like a diner (or maybe they are?) with a lot of seating inside. When we came it was not full because it wasn’t dinner time yet. You might need to make reservation on peak hour.

1 pound of lobster

I ordered 1 pound of lobster. I’m not a fan of lobster but this is a burger and lobster restaurant! Between those two, I preferred to try their lobster. It was a really good choice! Their garlic and lemon butter sauce is to die for. Very tasty. The lobster itself was sweet, although it was a little bit overcooked. The french fries were thin and crispy. I like this kind of fries! One portion of this was £23. Very expensive indeed!

Lobster Burger

My husband ordered their burger with lobster meat. He said it was okay and not special. So I guess for this restaurant better go for their lobster. I can be a fan of lobster for this one 😀

17. Dishoom

I heard from so many people that Indian food in London is really good. The problem is I don’t really know how to tell a good Indian food! I only had it once in Hong Kong haha. Once again my trusted app for food told me about an excellent Indian food near me. It was Dishoom. I went there with my friend before actually, but at that time it was fully booked and we couldn’t wait for the queue because we needed to go back soon. This time me and my husband only waited for a bit (but there was already a queue there!).

They sat us on basement floor (Yes, they have 2 floor and all full with customer!). Then the waitress asked us if we ever ate there before. We haven’t of course. She then showed us around the menu and gave explanation of what dish should we order and how many dishes. Everything looked amazing though. Seriously. We ended up ordering many dishes!

Me and my husband agreed that this restaurant has an amazing food. They were all so tasty. My favorite was the calamary and the fried flat bread with butter. Very delicious!

It was really yummy. We wouldn’t mind Indian food if they taste like this one 😀 The total we spent there was about £30.15 including 12.5% service charge.

18. Sushi Samba

On our last day in London, my husband wanted to eat somewhere that we could see the city view. He found Sushi Samba and we knew that this place is very expensive. But we still go for the experience! We did a reservation for lunch (being in London for a while we were used to make reservation before eating). There is a special elevator to go to this restaurant. It is located on the 38th and 39th floors at 110 Bishopsgate street.

Sushi Samba Menu

We looked at the menu and tried to find something that has reasonable price. None lol. Their dishes are using a fancy ingredient. We ordered Edamame with volcanic salt, California roll with Truffle Oil, Samba London, and KOBE Beef Sashimi. Everything was very delicious though. And the view from our table also breathtaking.

I also interested in their dessert, Assorted Japanese Mochi. It came with 3 flavor : mango, green tea and raspberry. My favorite was mango! I loved this mochi.

Assorted Japanese Mochi

Website :


These were places that I visited in London to have a meal. London has a lot of places to eat! Which one have you been into? Share with me in comment.


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Places to Visit in London

On my trip to London, I had some suggestions on where to go during my visit. I did most of it (I think) and couldn’t do some. I also decided not to do some things because it wasn’t interesting for me. So, I made a list of places I visited (and not) in London during my stay.

1. The Lion King Show

I’ve never been to a musical before and London is famous for its musical, somehow. When I did my research on things to do, I stumbled upon Lion King Show. I watched their preview and I was hooked. The tickets are expensive but I really wanted to see it. I bought the tickets online because this is a popular show and I didn’t want to miss it since I would only be in London for a short time. There are several ticket box online for this. I bought from the official visitlondon website. I could order dinner as well if I wanted. They have dinner package before the show or after the show.

Lion King Ticket

I picked the night show. On the day of the show, we went to ticket office at Lyceum Theatre and exchanged our online booking email with the tickets. It was a really beautiful show. I teared up when it started because of the beauty.

In case you are wondering (like I was), the dress code for the show is ‘comfort but polite’. You can wear anything as long as you are comfortable in it and doesn’t wear hotpants or flip flop. At least that was what I saw there.

2. Borough Market

This is my favorite place in London as well. It is a foodie heaven. There are a lot of vendors selling all kind of food and fresh one. They are open from 9am so it is possible to have breakfast or brunch there. I tried several foods there and most of them are delicious! Sausage butty, pork pie, sausage roll, strawberry, and dolset scallops! Sausage butty needs sauce to eat. If you buy this, make sure to add ketchup or chili. For Pork Pie it is better if you can reheat it before you eat. The strawberries are sweet and huge! Only for £1. Dolset scallops are to die for. 3 pieces of king scallop with veggie and crispy bacon for £6.5.

3. The Shard

It is the highest building in London where you can enjoy city view. We didn’t go there simply because it is too expensive and we did this kind of thing before in another country. If I remember correctly the ticket to go in is £25 for advance booking and £30 for on-the-day. I put this on the list because it is recommended on most of travel sites 😅 and it is also nearby from Borough Market. (16)
The Shard

4. Southwark Cathedral

Located next to Borough Market, Southwark Cathedral is the oldest cathedral in London. It is for Catholic Anglican. I visited it and saw some children were doing rehearsal for Easter show. Their park (church playground) was nice for sitting and enjoying the weather. And if you re lucky, you could meet the church cat. I met her. She didn’t like to be on camera 😒 but she was very friendly off camera.

5. Somerset House

I included this because it is close to Lyceum Theater and sometime they have event going on there. If not, you still can enjoy the architectural building. There was a game exhibition when we were there but we didn’t have a chance to check it out.

6. Coca Cola London Eye

This iconic structure / attraction is always crowded with people. It is a nice way to enjoy the city view from above (other than the Shard). I didn’t take a ride and just took some pictures of surrounding. (3)
Coca-Cola London Eye

7. Westminster Bridge – Big Ben – House of Parliament

Next to London Eye (walking a little bit) is Westminster Bridge. It is a good location to enjoy the view of Thames River with London eye on one side and Big Ben and House of Parliament at the other side. There was an incident not long before my arrival that killed some people. I found a lot of flower bouquet on the bridge for the death. This bridge is very crowded with people and cars, just be careful on the way.

Big Ben is very stunning. I’ve seen it many times on picture but seeing it there by myself was an awesome experience. Along with the house of parliament across the river.

8. Westminster Abbey

This church is sooo majestic. I love it very much. Too bad I couldn’t go in ( I don’t know if it’s allowed or not ). I stopped by here 3 times unintentionally.. and each time amazed by this building. (40)
Westminster Abbey

9. Buckingham Palace (The Changing Guard of Palace)

I tried to reach Buckingham Palace by walking from Westminster Abbey and it was quite far.. It is recommended if you can rent a bike or use Uber taxi. Although.. the traffic is pretty bad in that area. The Buckingham Palace is only a palace (well doh!). Yes it is magnificent. Visitors are not allowed to enter the palace, so mostly just hanging out outside. I would suggest if you want to come and see this palace, it is better if you do it on the time of changing guard of palace. Then you will have another thing to see than just the building and taking selfie outside. I missed the chance to see it. To check for the schedule, visit the website.

10. Natural History Museum

This museum is gigantic! It takes hours to really see all in the inside. The best part is it is free admission! There is some areas that need to be a member to enter (special exhibition), but the normal exhibition also very interesting. This attraction also good for family with children. If you like animals, dinosaurs, biology, and everything related to it then you will love this place.

11. Hyde Park

This park is located next to Buckingham Palace. I passed by it when I went to subway station from the palace. The area is vast and nice to sit around. I saw many people relaxing, so I stopped for a while and enjoying the nice weather that day.

Hyde Park

12. Sherlock Holmes Museum

221B Baker Street. The house of Sherlock Holmes the famous fictional detective. I wanted to go in but there was a queue line and I didn’t have the ticket as well. I went in into the shop next door instead. For a hardcore Sherlock Holmes fans, this place is amazing. They sell a lot of merchandise that tempted me to buy! But luckily I could strain myself. Ha!

13. Madame Tussauds

I’ve been to many madame tussauds and this one is the best so far. I only took a few photos of myself with the wax statue, and mostly took photos of my husband and the figure itself. If you want to visit this place, it is better to come in the morning. You can buy the tickets online but still you have to come on certain time slot (chosen when you buy the ticket online). Or another option is buying the VIP ticket (also online), the price is double though. Normal ticket is £35, and VIP one is £70. VIP ticket give you access to some attractions without queuing but I don’t think it is worth it. Just get a normal ticket and come early.

14. Camden Market

This is a shopping heaven. I didn’t see branded high-end store (which is good for me). There are stores along the way in Camden Lock. Soooo many stuff for sell there. It is a must visit in London for shopping (including for souvenir). They have comic book store, clothes, shoes, watched, underwear, accessories, home decoration, and many more! You can enjoy food and drink as well in Camden Market, but not as many as in Borough Market.

15. Trafalgar Square

This famous landmark is always busy with people. You can take a picture with a ” statue” (a person dressed like statue), or watch musicians singing / playing instruments, or just sit and enjoy the weather. The surrounding area is very pretty as well. At one side, the bustling city traffic can be seen, at the other side a majestic national gallery and other statues. A very nice view to take a photo.

16. The National Gallery

What amazed me about London is most of the museums are free, including this one. National Gallery is a place to exhibit paintings from famous artist, such as Van Gogh, Monet, and many more. Even if you are not familiar with paintings, you will still be able to enjoy it (or just for taking a break from a long walk you done for the day).

17. Soho

Soho is the trendy side of the city. This is the area if you want to hang out with friends for a drink or two. There are a lot of bars, cafes and restaurant in the area. Busy on most nights especially on weekend. I went there on Friday night and most of the places are fully booked. There is a street that was appear in Oasis’s cover album. You can “play a game” by trying to find that street 😀

18. Chinatown

I didn’t have a chance to look around in Chinatown. There should be some interesting places or attraction or stuff you can see in Chinatown. I only passed by late night on the way to tube station when most of the shops were closed already. (48)

19. Piccadilly Circus

Another hip area in London is Piccadilly Circus. It is not a circus that you thought about. On Piccadilly Square, there is a cupid statue (which somehow always full of people sitting around it). There are some shops and restaurant in the area, and it is next to the shopping area on Regent Street. There are some shopping arcades as well on Piccadilly Street. (11)
Piccadilly Square

20. Regent Street -Oxford Street

The famous shopping street in London. You can find any brand in this area. This street is similar to Champs-Elysees in Paris (but smaller street). It is cheaper to buy branded stuff in UK than in Asia, so if you are looking for new bag or shoes or clothes (or anything), don’t miss out this street.

21. Covent Garden

Covent Garden is a shopping area as well. There was always a show (street attraction) on its piazza. I found a good sunglasses with reasonable price at sunglasses hut. There are also Laduree macaroon, Ritual body care, shake shack burger, l’occitane, and many more! There are some local shops as well selling shoes, jewelry, shirt, etc just like at flea market. Covent Garden is good for shopping and eating as well. The area surround it also very tidy and comfy to walk (it is like a city center in most city in Netherlands). Don’t forget to try Monmouth Coffee as well there.

22. King’s Cross platform 9 3/4

If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you would want to visit this platform at King’s Cross Station. It is not a real platform (well doh!) but just and additional area on ground floor with a sign of “Platform 9 3/4” and a half trolley to take photos with. When I was there, the queue was very long. It took me 1 hour to reach the trolley and get the staff took my photo. You can take a photo with your own camera as well. After taking photo, you will ushered inside the shop and there you can choose whether you want the photo they took or not. The shop is amazing for Harry Potter fans. You will love it there. I do. The only thing I don’t like is the price haha.

23. Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge looks really nice in the afternoon. When the sun at the other side and shine on it. I didn’t go closer to the bridge, just took some pictures from afar.


24. Tower of London

Tower of London is very famous among visitors. Whenever I went there, there were always many people queuing to enter. Especially in the morning. I didn’t go inside, was not interested to see. It looks amazing from outside though, so I only took some photos outside. (59)
Tower of London and Tower Bridge at night

25. Holland Park

This park is really quiet and nice for a morning walk alone or with family or with dog. I met a lot of dogs here. There are a lot of tulip flowers when I visited it. There is a Kyoto Garden as well inside and it is very beautiful and ‘zen’. It is really nice to sit around enjoying breakfast or reading or anything! Visitors are not allowed to make loud noise in Kyoto Garden. We need to keep its tranquility. The downside about this park is it is far from other attraction. I visited it because I like park and I was interested in Kyoto Garden, which didn’t disappoint me. It is quiet a while to reach from tube station or from bus station.

26. Spitalfield Market

Spitalfield is one of the famous market in London. I read about this place before I came and decided not to visit it because it is not close to any of other places I wanted to go. But on my way to eat lunch at poppy’s fish and chip, we passed by this market and looked around. It has some good items for sale and huge range as well. You should visit this market when you have time. I didn’t buy anything because our luggage was already full haha.

27. Regent Park

Regent Park is located very close from Madame Tussauds and Sherlock Holmes Museum. It is a nice park to chill out and enjoy the day, or just for rest after your long walk 🙂

For other places you need to visit, you can check their official site. What is your favorite place in London? Let me know in comment.