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BBQ Saigon Night – First Try

There are many restaurants in backpacker area in Ho Chi Minh City. I’ve never been to that area before. The area is between Bui Vien street and Pham Ngu Lau street. I heard this area is very interesting with many foreigners sitting around drinking beer. But I also been told to never wander around that area alone, especially at night.

Last week I have visitors and they wanted to try the grilled octopus there, so I had a chance to walk around that area! (Yay!) They didn’t know where is the place exactly. Based on information from their friend it was located in the street where many people sit and drink beer. My first guest was Pham Ngu Lau street, but it was not. Since we were so hungry, I decided to search on Google about grilled octopus in that area.

I found 2 places selling grilled octopus. One was a small unlisted-on-google restaurant and the other was Five Oyster Restaurant. We decided to go to the unlisted restaurant.


The place’s name is BBQ Saigon night. We saw the octopus! Once we got our seat, we went to the counter to pick which item we want. We ordered octopus, pork sausage and pork satay. We didn’t order many because no warranty that place has good food.

Grilled pork sausage

The first dish that came out was the pork sausage. It was good! I didn’t eat it with the veggies tho xD

Grilled pork satay

Next was pork satay. This one was not special. I don’t recommend this one.

Grilled Octopus

And finally the grilled octopus! It was delicious. A bit chewy and a little spicy. Yummy~ For big size octopus the price is 180k vnd.

Total we spent was 261k vnd for 3 dishes and 2 bottles of beer. We could have ordered more but we had another plan that day.

It was a nice experience. I like the ambience there. Friendly environtment, good food, cold beer and a good friend. Perfect!

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